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From Rick's Mom
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 This website is my tribute to my son, Rick.  When I first put this website up in 2003, I used it as a vehicle to gather memories from Rick's family and friends for a memory book I wanted to write. The book, entitled "Remembering Rick," was published in 2005.

We've included a download link to his book on the last page of this website. You can download it and read it on your screen or print it.  If you would like one of the published copies, send me an email at and I'll honor the requests until my supply of books runs out.

Rick's vocation was computer graphics but his avocation was music.  It was a tossup as to which brought him the most joy. He played guitar and sang on a regular basis for most of his life.  I've included several songs so you can hear him sing.  It is one of my greatest joys to be able to still hear his voice. I've also included some pictures of  Rick at various ages so you can get to know him.

Rick was a fine, caring, young man who left behind a legacy of love and generosity. Even with wonderful memories, our hearts and lives have been torn asunder. There are no words to describe this loss. I've learned though, that the bond between mother and child is too strong to ever be truly broken. Where there is love, there is life. He lives on in my heart

 I hope you enjoy my tribute to Rick.


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