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Rick's Music
Remembering Rick


This picture of Rick was taken in his apartment in December 1996.

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 Honky Tonk Woman,
written by The Rolling Stones
Rick on electric guitar and lead vocal.  Steve plays lead and sings harmony.

High Heel Sneakers
Rick Pieramico: Acoustic Guitar and Vocals
Steve Pieramico: Lead Guitar
Recorded in Rick’s Apartment

I read once that the ancient Greeks only asked one question after a man died, "Did he have passion?"  If you knew Rick even slightly, you knew he had passion in abundance.  One of his greatest passions was music. Music was part of Rick's life from early childhood.  I wrote in his baby book when he was 3 1/2, "Rick loves to sing and say poems and rhymes.  He often lies in his bed at night and sings to himself."

 He learned to play the trumpet in 5th grade and the guitar in Junior High, playing both in school bands. He also played in the Drum and Bugle Corps in boot camp when he was in the Air Force.  After being discharged from the service, Rick and his cousin Steve Pieramico played guitar together at least once a week for the remainder of his life.  They recorded some of their favorite songs and we transferred them from cassette to CD.

As Rick loved humor in his daily life, he also loved humor in his music.  When you listen to the irreverent humor of  Jimmy Buffet or the quirky humor of Barenaked Ladies, think of Rick and smile.